Innovate Energy Solutions

DML Industries Pvt. Ltd. redefines your relationship with energy. Save money. Minimize your carbon footprint. Take control of your power costs today!


Besides all the environmental benefits that it brings, plus the savings on your monthly bills for power consumption, it’s easy to see why so many people have made the leap over. So if you've decided to join financially savvy and eco-friendly homeowners across the Kerala, we can help you.

  • Decreasing use of Diesel Generators

  • Effective use of building roof spaces hence no land required

  • Hedge against every increasing energy bills


Transferring your DML Industries Pvt. Ltd. Solar Service doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, DML Industries Pvt. Ltd. has a dedicated team of Service Transfer Coordinators whose entire job is to help you smoothly and painlessly transfer your DML Industries Pvt. Ltd. Solar Service to the new homeowner.

Design Support

Solar power plants are designed to maximize the plant performance and provide owners with a rapid return on investment and long plant operating life. We provide integrated solutions with the entire scope of supply for solar power plants – from viability studies and power plant analysis to plant design along with engineering work, procurement, grid connection, service and maintenance of power plant.