We offer varieties of renewable energy and high efficiency lighting solutions. We work with you to create renewable energy solution for your specific needs in sync with your budget.

Our Solar Power Product selections are significantly more energy saving and less expensive , without compromising quality.


  • Up-gradable and expandable systems

  • Photo voltaic system minimize power cost

  • Ensures continuous power supply

  • Line interactive and off grid types

  • We configure the best solution for your specific need within the budget.

  • Our product range starts from 650 W to 50 KW

Our wind power systems are well suited for homes as well as larger facilities.

  • Can be used under extreme conditions.

  • Work autonomously and automatically

  • Systems have units covering 1 KW to 10 KW

Hybrid Systems (Wind and Solar)

  • These are modular systems that can be expanded easily.

  • More consistent year-round performance

  • Reduces need for back up generation

  • Recommended for homes, schools, clinics and other smaller off-grid applications.

  • Easily retrofitted to existing diesel systems in order to save fuel and ensure round the clock operation